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Insurance Policy with No Beneficiary

Life insurance companies pay life insurance proceeds to the person or persons

listed as beneficiaries. It can be anyone – from the insured’s spouse or ex-spouse to adult children, siblings, business partners, charities, or a trust. At the same time, the insured can list multiple beneficiaries.

Besides the primary life insurance beneficiary, they can also name a contingent or secondary beneficiary. They will receive the life insurance payout in the event that the primary beneficiary cannot be found, dies before the insured, or simultaneously with the insured.

However, if the primary beneficiary of a life insurance policy dies and there is no secondary beneficiary listed, the policy is viewed as having no beneficiaries listed. Without a listed beneficiary to claim the death benefit, the death benefit is paid out to the estate of the deceased. If this is the case, it can take significantly longer for the proceeds to get to the insured’s family,

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