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Mississippi Makes It Easier to Adopt an Adult

Adoption of an Adult

Senate Bill 2263 authorizes chancellors to waive certain petition and procedural requirements in the case of the adoption of an adult. The changes only apply to adoptions where the adult consents to the adoption. In those adoptions, the chancellor is authorized to waive a number of procedural requirements including:

• A doctor's certificate;

• Certain affidavits;

• A home study;

• Compliance with the Interstate Compact for Placement of Children; and

• Compliance with the Indian Child Welfare Act.

The bill also conforms Mississippi's law to federal law by deleting the prohibition against adoption by couples of the same gender. Lastly, the bill enacts a new code section to prohibit physically incarcerated offenders from requesting a name change. Under the new section, no offender shall have standing to file a change of name petition with the chancery court. The new section, though, does provide certain exceptions where a chancellor would be allowed to change the name of an offender.

SB 2263.

Effective 7/1/22

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